/pʌmp / (say pump)

1. an apparatus or machine for raising, driving, exhausting, or compressing fluids, as by means of a piston, plunger, or rotating vanes.
verb (t)
2. to raise, drive, etc., with a pump.
3. to operate by action like that on a pump handle.
4. to supply with air, as an organ, by means of a pump-like device.
5. to drive, force, etc., as if from a pump: they pumped ten bullets into him.
6. to seek to elicit information from, as by artful questioning: *George has always liked a chat with Patti, pumping her for information –bert newton, 1977.
7. to elicit (information) by questioning.
8. to shake (someone's hand) vigorously.
verb (i)
9. to work a pump; raise or move water, etc., with a pump.
10. to operate as a pump does.
11. to gush out in spurts, as if driven by a pump: blood pumping from a wound.
12. to move up and down like a pump-handle.
13. to exert oneself in a manner likened to pumping.
14. to seek to elicit information from a person.
15. Also, pump out.
a. (of dance music) to be at such a volume that the bass beat can be felt physically.
b. (of a venue at which such music is played) to be playing music of this kind.
16. pump iron, Colloquial to exercise with weights in order to build muscles.
17. pump out, to free from water, etc., by means of a pump.
18. pump up,
a. to inflate by pumping: to pump up a tyre.
b. to make (something) appear to be of great importance or value.
19. under the pump, Colloquial under pressure: he was under the pump to get the job done on time.
{Middle English pumpe. Compare Middle Low German pumpe, probably nautical in origin}
pumpable, adjective
/pʌmp / (say pump)

1. a low, light, black, patent-leather shoe worn by men for ballroom dancing, with formal dress, etc.
2. a low, slipper-like shoe worn by women, originally for dancing.
{origin uncertain}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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